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Lives Interrupted recognises that unexpected hurdles interrupt all of our lives. It may be a chronic illness, an injury or disability. A relationship breakdown, sick child or passing of a loved one. Each interruption makes continuing on with everyday iife at work and home difficult, and your plans for the future seemingly impossible.



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Teisha Rose was unexpectedly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997, aged 22 years. Early on her life was dominated by her condition. Physically she was experiencing many aggressive relapses. Yet she was unsure how to create a life conducive to her overall wellbeing.

Today the way Teisha approaches and experiences MS and life is unrecognisable to years ago. In recent years she has been sharing her personal story and insights through writing her book 'Life Interrupted', publishing blogs (Huffington Post and The Mighty), interviews (The Age, Medibank and GT Magazine) and speaking engagements.

Now H2H coaching provides new way for Teisha to work with others living with the challenges ofa chronic illness. 



speaking engagements

Are you organising an upcoming event or meeting within your organisationsector or social club? Teisha is the perfect guest presenter or keynote speaker! Teisha's story and insights will inspire and challange audiences to keep moving forward in their own lives.



Teisha has been contributing blogs and interviews to media outlets both within Australia and overseas.
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'Life Interrupted'

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