When someone said to me "Can you go any slower?" Oct 11, 2021

In living with MS do you worry about what others think?

I know I used to.

I remember my first experience venturing out with a walking stick. It was the first time a relapse had really impacted my mobility, and I wasn’t confident walking...

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Take your power back Jul 03, 2021

When life is interrupted by an unexpected hurdle you can feel powerless. At the mercy of your challenge. Unsure how you can have an impact on your situation

You can start taking your power back by shifting your focus.

Watch this short video and...

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What do you believe? Jun 23, 2021

Our existing beliefs can make dealing with and overcoming challenges in life difficult. 

Watch the video below and discover what 3 Beliefs will help you overcome any challenge in your life. 


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How to create momentum Jun 17, 2021

Do you ever feel stuck? At a complete loss as to how you can possibly move forward?

Watch this short video and discover 3 ways you can start moving forward today.

Enjoy and chat soon

Teisha xo

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