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In living with a chronic illness you often feel stuck. You may be overwhelmed by a diagnosis. Taken back by the discovery of new symptoms. Totally dejected by yet another period of poor health. 

Initially you need to sit with the emotions you’re experiencing at each of these times. But sitting in that state of overwhelm for too long is detrimental to your wellbeing – physically and emotionally.

Somehow you need to start moving forward. I’m no marketer but I think Moving Forward Together is becoming my tagline! As I really do think that creating momentum is paramount in living well with a chronic illness. For getting through the challenges that you face.

This Chinese Proverb is a favourite quote of mine...

Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still.

First of all I like this quote as it gives me permission to walk very slowly (which can sometimes be the case). But it also reminds me of the importance of creating momentum and moving forward.

I know in living with chronic illness this can be challenging. How can you move forward when you are stuck in a hospital bed, or at home lying in bed or on the couch feeling emotionally and physically spent?

As I’ve learnt over the years during these times, momentum can still be created with your mind. Reading a positive story. Researching about nutrition or natural therapies. Guided meditations. Watching an uplifting movie or TV show. Or chatting to a friend you know will energise and not drain you.

There are so many ways you can slowly create momentum. And this is what the Lives Interrupted blog can offer you. Conversation starters that will encourage you to start thinking about new ideas and ways of moving forward in your life with chronic illness. 

Back to the “tagline” Moving Forward Together. Moving forward is made so much easier if we do it together. Gaining new perspectives and learning from each other.

I want to continue sharing insights that encourage you to move out of the state of overwhelm, of feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next. But to instead start moving forward. Even if it is by slowly starting to think about and approach your lives with chronic illness differently.

Think about something small you can do to this week to start moving forward.

Chat soon

Teisha xo

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