You are the secret ingredient!

Being diagnosed with a life changing illness can be quite scientific and clinical. As too when doctors deliver details of new symptoms that have arrived, and the impact these will have on you now and into the future.

As I discussed in the last blog, a doctor that I didn’t really know and who didn’t know me, announced that I had MS. A disease with no cure, and a prognosis that was very unclear.

As I read the information provided, researched the statistics, stared at the images and tried to make sense of the MRI results I felt ill. I knew nothing about this disease and what impact it would have on my future.

But what I wish someone had pointed out to me that my prognosis, the stories and statistics didn’t take into consideration one secret ingredient – me!

When you are going through a diagnosis or dealing with significant new symptoms remember the medical world cannot see all of the qualities that make you unique. Your tenacity. Your determination. Your fight.  Such qualities aren’t quantifiable. They do not appear on medical tests, nor are they considered when prognoses are sometimes inadvertently delivered.

That’s why I discussed the importance of having a mindset that recognises the impact you can have on your illness and your life. Remember you bring a lot to the table.

It is also why I decided it was important to work on myself – physically, emotionally and spiritually. As this will add another dimension to me, to the secret ingredient that will continue to have such an impact on my life with MS.

I encourage you to start think about the qualities you bring to this journey with your illness. What do you have that the medical world, the statistics can’t see.

If you’re stuck for ideas ask your partner, family or friends. I know it may feel a bit uncomfortable but they will often see qualities in you, that you are oblivious to.

Chat soon

Teisha xo


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