Welcome to the Lives Interrupted Blog!

Welcome to the Lives Interrupted blog!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Teisha Rose and my life was interrupted by multiple sclerosis over 20 years ago.

However this blog is not about MS. As your chronic illness may be something completely different.

As I’ve discovered the key to living well with MS has not been becoming an expert on this disease. Instead it has been about discovering ways to keep moving forward.

And what better way of moving forward than learning from each other. We have a shared experience. The marathon of chronic illness. Whether you are at the start line. Or you are digging deep to keep get through the physical pain and mental battles. You have already learnt so much about yourself.

This insider information will help and inspire others faced with their own journey.

It’s frightening how many people around the world are living with chronic illness. But on the flip side this means we are not alone. There are countless people to share information with but to also learn from.

So let’s start today!

In the comments below write Your Name; what Chronic Illness has interrupted your life; and one thing you have learnt about yourself.

Let's start moving forward together

Teisha xo


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